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Clicksor.com :Online Contextual Ad Network Review
Published By xpertwriter on 2011-12-24 1337 Views

If we look around we will have several advertising networks which are offering multiple advertising solutions for the prospective advertisers or the online markets eager to market their products to the targeted audience or the publishers who are constantly looking for maximize their revenues from their websites , forums or blogs . But If assess that only the CPC and CPM based networks are preferd over the CPA based ad networks .

As CPA based i.e cost per action based networks pay their publisher when once buys the advertised product usually takes time may be better for marketers but very difficult for average publihers who want amass money as quick as possible . Among such Advertising networks , clicksor is also one of best CPC , CPM , Full page ads and In-Text-Link Ads networks as it is high paying and the most trafficed advertisers place over the internet .

The Constant flow of the advertisers make it stand apart in the ad networks row. It has all types of ad solutions for the publishers and Advertisers such cpc cost per click , CPM Cost per million impressions , pop up ads and most important full page and In-text-Advertising solution which has earned great fame among the publishers who just wnat to earn some revenue just placing code and no space is to be provided as In-text-Advertising is keywords based advertising and the most effective advertising tool for the marketers and most revenue generating machine for the Publishers .

All good quality blogs and websites are approved provided that they have sufficient visitors from USA and Uk . So visit clicksor and sign up as Advertisers or publishers .

Clicksor is only Contextual Adverstising Network which offers the widest range of Advertising Solutions Which include In Text Advertising , Full page ads , Image ads and Text Ads for the most trafficked sites with real time Reporting . For More Advertising network Reviews Visit Advertising Networks Review

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